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Phone:0559661288 (055-9661288)
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Address: , tel aviv, israel
(32.06830005623115, 34.7615650887019)
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Price: 1200
Remark: מונאקו אסקורט הינו מכון שירותי ליווי מוביל במדינה אשר מציג מבחר עצום ומגוון של נערות ליווי אמיתיות ואותנטיות המספקות שרותי מין ופנזטיות לווי חושניות ללקוחות הנמצאים במרכז הארץ, תל אביב-יפו והסביבה. הנערות שלנו יודעות להגשים חלומות אך גם מקצועיות, פרטיות ודיסקרטיות בעבדותן. למידע נוסף התקשרו לטלפון # 055-966-12-88 או בקרו באתרינו #MonacoEscort
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2012-12-07 02:22:14 Yona Hanavi 7 apartment yona hanavi 7, tel aviv, israel 200 200 NIS 40 mins, but only massage, you can pay more for extra 035103111 0548100900 035101197 view
2012-03-06 22:25:32 Pinsker 42 apartment Pinsker 42, tel aviv, israel 250 Its the same number as Tverski 15 035252090 036835959 035273344 036205757 view
2012-03-06 20:15:14 Haaliya 53 apartment Haaliya 53, tel aviv, israel 220 220 NIS 40 Mins, First floor, on the bell written Merav 035188789 0502241508 view
2012-03-06 22:31:43 Levinski 66 apartment Levinski 66, tel aviv, israel 220 220 40 mins 038157795 0548157790 view
2013-01-07 22:24:09 Hayarkon 98 apartment hayarkon 98, tel aviv, israel 250 250 for 30 mins, Third floor, on door: Yamit. 035229595 035276040 view
2012-03-06 21:38:18 Lital SPA massage Hahashmonaim 3, tel aviv, israel 250 250NIS for 40 Mins 035222229 view
2012-03-06 21:42:15 Allenby 26 massage Allenby 26, tel aviv, israel 200 200 NIS 30 mins 035164969 view
2012-03-06 21:51:43 SM Cocks bdsm Ben Yehuda 99, tel aviv, israel 400 400NIS for BDSM, 200NIS regular. Sounds Fishey. Maybe Cox. 035224405 view
2012-03-06 21:55:43 Shiran and Dana SM bdsm frishman 25, tel aviv, israel 400 400NIS for 1 Hour Session. Two queens. Shiran and Dana 0505826860 view
2012-03-06 22:23:35 Geula 4 apartment Geula 4, tel aviv, israel 130 Sound wierd 0544428652 view
2012-11-22 01:09:21 Israeli Pamela Anderson NOT girl sheinkin 62, tel aviv, israel 400 Don't get near this place. It is a scam. They say she stills and threaten. 0529542594 0528530416 0547044318 view
2013-01-13 13:06:21 Shderot Har Zion 38 b apartment shderot har zion 38 b, tel aviv, israel 200 Machon. view
2012-11-07 22:56:46 haluzim 25 apartment haluzim 25, tel aviv, israel 150 Machon view
2012-11-22 00:54:37 Jonah Hanavy apartment yona hanavi 37, tel aviv, israel 200 Stairs in red, glass door. Massage and Extra. Near Alenbi Street 035171919 view
2012-11-22 01:06:48 Joly Apartment apartment shlabim 16, jaffa, israel 300 300 NIS, 40 Mins. Sex + Massage. July. One girl every time, that change by the hours. 300 NIS, 40 mins. 0527439972 view
2012-12-06 04:32:41 Sharon Tel-Aviv girl hayarkon 138, tel aviv, israel 400 400NIS per hour, cum in mouth, 600 shekels for anal sex. 0549027574 view
2012-11-23 03:34:25 Tali girl tchernichovsky, tel aviv, israel 500 500 nis. independent girl. 0542267652 view
2012-11-29 02:26:20 Private girl firshman 65, tel aviv, israel 250 0523837074 view
2013-05-08 09:09:43 Tantra Massage massage shalom alechem 38, tel aviv, israel 350 350 Nis up to 700 Nis. Tantra Massage. Not sure with happy ending. 0543012696 0524581647 view
2012-11-29 02:31:07 Israeli Private Girl + specials girl dizingoff 172, tel aviv, israel 300 300 Nis for 40 minutes. You can add 200nis or specials, like bizarre and anal. 0525812274 view
2012-11-29 02:52:41 Private Girl girl ben yehuda and ben guryon, tel aviv, israel 500 0546431082 view
2012-12-04 09:01:43 יאנה(מסאז girl , tel aviv, israel 150 מסאג' מעולה, כולל פרוסטטה וסטראפאון 150 for 40 min 200 for hour 035220456 0544886712 view
2012-12-07 03:31:05 Lada 42 girl shivat tsiyon 20, tel aviv, israel 200 200 Nis, 40 mins. 0528687007 view
2012-12-07 03:39:21 Salame 88 apartment derech shlomo 88, tel aviv, israel 150 0506487421 view
2012-12-10 14:09:48 Histkiyahoo the king :-) apartment hizkiyahu hamelech 26, tel aviv, israel 120 120Nis, 30 mins, Paraour with 3 different girls. 0543191878 view
2012-12-24 09:12:18 Har Zion 57 apartment har zion 57 2nd floor, tel aviv, israel 120 3 old ladies between 10am and 11pm view
2012-12-24 09:15:45 Har Zion 85 apartment yedia hapnini 4, tel aviv, israel 100 up to 6 or 7 old russian ladies service vary between 10am and 10pm view
2012-12-25 01:06:46 Sexshop stripper barzilai 10, tel aviv, israel 120 2 Russian ladies, quite old will strip at the back of the store, hand job and blowjob for 150ILS. there is an access from the backdoor 035605551 view
2013-01-08 03:39:35 Lana Haalyia 47 apartment haaliya 47, tel aviv, israel 150 Nice lady, very sexy, almost private. Very good service. Russian. 0549856528 view
2013-01-15 22:14:15 Nikki Israeli BDSM bdsm dizingoff 114, tel aviv, israel 700 A BDSM Private Girl. Don't know if sub or dom. Do Anal Sex, and more. Price can get up to 1500 NIS. 0545815848 view
2013-02-24 09:28:36 Hagdud Haivri 31 junction hagdud haivri 31, tel aviv, israel 130 There are four locations here, old ugly girls, sometime you can find something nice. Very cheap, very dirty. view
2013-02-24 09:29:35 hagdud haivri 33 junction hagdud haivri 33, tel aviv, israel 130 There are four locations here, old ugly girls, sometime you can find something nice. Very cheap, very dirty. 100/130 NIS for 15 minutes. view
2013-03-04 00:08:18 Private girl Dizingoff 149 girl dizingoff 149, tel aviv, israel 200 200 NIS. Russian blonde skinny girl. Not nice on the phone. 0505721253 view
2013-03-06 06:03:49 Russian Dizingoff apartment dizingoff 150, tel aviv, israel 500 500 NIS. Could not understand the girl. 0542617002 view
2013-03-28 00:39:51 Haaliya 53 apartment haaliya 53, tel aviv, israel 220 0545475938 view
2013-04-08 16:52:25 escort out calls only, tel aviv, israel 500 Enter our site to see a videos & photos 0549556444 view
2013-08-02 03:43:46 Suzi massage arnon, tel aviv, israel 250 Only HJ and prostate massage. 45 years old. 035223982 view
2013-05-26 22:04:18 Sanizana bdsm hahashmal and allenby, tel aviv, israel 500 0526556984 0737413815 view
2013-05-26 22:43:35 Shivat Tzion 20 apartment shivat tsioyn 20, tel aviv, israel 200 0523903291 view
2013-05-26 22:44:49 Hayarkon 114 massage hayarkon 114, tel aviv, israel 200 200 nis, 40 mins 0525803996 view
2013-06-25 22:35:58 Hertzel 114 apartment hertzel 114, tel aviv, israel 100 Two old russian fat lady. 100 Nis for 30 Mins. 0507382724 view
2013-06-26 08:21:44 קארין apartment dizingof 172, tel aviv, israel 0 היא לא לבד לא פרטית סרסור לא להתקרב 0525578328 view
2013-08-19 10:27:17 nataly massage azur, tel aviv, israel 150 half hour for 150 nis 40 min for 200nis. for full pinuk !!on phone nice ... work i thing until 14:00 0545453478 view
2013-12-09 12:46:06 Allyne girl hayarkon 41, tel aviv, israel 700 Brazilian girl new in town dark soft skin, long legs great body! making incalls in luxury location 0547368766 0547367483 view
2015-02-11 01:47:31 Laura Escort escort king george 4, jerusalem, israel 800 Beautiful independent escort whit location for incalls every day 0547368766 view
2014-01-11 12:34:46 Sandy escort , tel aviv, israel 900 Tall (180cm) and slim, like the fashion models u see on TV, full service with picts and quotes about me from different forums all over the world. A real university student that can actually hold a conversation in English. This comes in handy when your tying to explain what you would well as during the break after your first one while warming up for the second pop. GFE, OWO and lots of references on my websiite, so you can be assured a quality visit 9725493837 0549383799 view
2014-06-26 02:00:24 Maria girl yona hanavi 10, tel aviv, israel 700 0547368766 05422222 2222222 view
2013-12-09 12:46:46 Maria and Allyne apartment hayarkon 43, tel aviv, israel 700 One Spanish and one brazilian provide service in V.I.P apartment whit parking 9 am to 1 am every day 0547368766 view
2013-12-18 06:45:11 Queen K bdsm frishman and ben-yehuda, tel aviv, israel 500 Crazy lady. She said she does Sado. She calls you back to your cell. Carefull. 0528092954 view
2014-01-19 15:02:01 gone junction hayarkon, hadera, israel 150 0543238447 view
2014-02-05 08:01:04 lolliblonde escort , tel aviv, israel 900 girl 0525653593 view
2014-02-13 00:22:31 Geula 4 apartment geula 4, tel aviv, israel 150 view
2014-02-13 00:23:17 Hayarkon 98 apartment hayarkon 98, tel aviv, israel 250 250 על הדלת כתוב ימית view
2014-02-13 00:25:50 Har Tsiyon 57 apartment har tsiyon 57, tel aviv, israel 130 קומה ראשונה - זמזם view
2014-02-13 00:26:25 Wolfson 40 apartment wolfson 40, tel aviv, israel 130 אקסטרות 100 שביל ודלת פנימית, ניקול מומלצת view
2014-02-13 00:28:05 Hizkiyaho hamelech 26 apartment hizkiyaho hamelech 26, tel aviv, israel 180 Lian 0543181878 view
2014-02-13 00:31:18 Halutsim 25 apartment halutsim 25, tel aviv, israel 150 view
2014-02-13 01:00:45 Lian apartment shenkin 46, givatayim, israel 500 For twice 0509164666 view
2014-03-23 11:26:36 Michelle escort , tel aviv, israel 0 הכי יפה בעיר, בת 22 פינוק אירופאי מקצועי הנאה מובטחת תמונות אמיתיות לחלוטין אם זאת לא אני הביטול אלי לאיכותיים ורציניים בלבד ------------------- Pretty, young and full of energy, I'm offering full GFE, from a short (160) slim and barbie face girl מ 15:00 עד 21:00 0543845177 view
2014-03-25 11:24:38 Lori escort 155 hayarkon street, tel aviv, israel 800 Big, brown eyes, and a dazzling bright smile. Lori is exceptionally intelligent with a wonderful sense of humor. Classy and confident. Lori turns heads everywhere she goes, as she is sexy and feminine with a sweet smile to compliment her gorgeous face. Discover the wonder of owe it to yourself. 0547921319 +972547921 view
2014-04-07 12:59:12 VIP Lia escort 155 hayarkon street, 63453, tel aviv, israel 500 .in your office, home after dinner, bored in your hotel room... or anywhere fantasizing about a high class, experienced, fun, easy-going, fun-loving, companion with style and great manners, then your fantasy is about to become a reality. I am a university educated lady with a charming personality, always smiling, offering a real full SAFE-GFE, absolutely discreet and professional.I´m a sophisticated and elegant beauty with lovely personality, very friendly and open - minded. Foxy, elegant, sweet and sensual brunette with a perfectly toned figure and long brown hair. I have the perfect body (35d-25-36) 166tall always admired confident, independent women, and I like to think of myself now as being one of them.Lia-0524101299(Only for VIP customers) Poster's age: 29 • Location: Tel Aviv, Bat Yam, Holon, Ashdod, Haifa, Netanya 0524101299 view
2014-11-10 02:04:58 Victoria girl , tel aviv, israel 300 Victoria Exotic Girl from Colombia Real Beauty! New in Tel Aviv Host alone in private apartment 10 am to 10 pm 300 shekels half hour!!! call me Real Photos!!! Only calls to 0543720620 thanks!!! 0543720620 0548730201 054000000 022 view
2014-05-01 00:41:53 Alina escort hayarkon street, tel aviv, israel 600 Classic Blond beauty, tanned and blond hair, with a smile that says I already know what Im going to do with you! Flighty and love to tease. Im spontaneous, whiling to make everyone of your desires come true. I makes the perfect girl for any event, dinner date or an evening of hot madness-role play, striptease, bachelor party - an exclusive full service only for rich men0527925539-booking with Alina 1h-600 depending on the distance 0527925539 view
2014-05-01 00:42:03 Alina+Tina escort hayarkon, tel aviv, israel 1200 Hi its Anni and Rita here! You may have found yourself looking at our individual profiles. A perfect treat♥Who doesn't get hot and hard in the company of horny naughty S L U T S!? Don't leave us to have all the fun alone, we're ready waiting for you to join us or us to you. (Madness-role play, striptease, bachelor party - an exclusive full service only for rich men)Unforgettable smart girl Classic service)0528487119-Booking 2 girls 0528487119 view
2014-05-09 07:18:38 Natali escort 155 hayarkon street, tel aviv, 63453, israel, bat yam, israel 800 36E REAL BIG BOOBS !!!- Size 6!! Along with my evident beauty,I can describe myself as hot, easy going, fun, warm hearted, smart. I hate wasting my time and yours too. So lets enjoy each other company. Your privacy is my top secret. I am clean and safe,English 0524101299NATALI Massage, a good time, my service is the best !! 0524101299 view
2014-06-09 01:01:58 Machon apartment y.l perets, tel aviv, israel 130 3 Girls, full service 0547015210 view
2014-07-18 01:16:52 Lina escort ha-yarkon, tel aviv, israel 0 I am Lina independent company in Israel LET ME SHOW YOU A NIGHT YOU'LL NEVER FORGET! I provide a 100% non-rushed, classy, and elite service! I am all natural and sexy Discreet, enjoyable, fun, and 100% amazing time guaranteed. Treat yourself to an unforgettable time! Available day and night. Call or text to book your time! ★054★989★8651★Lina 1h-700-1200 gifts outcall 1h-800 gifts outcall in Tel Aviv if you want me with my girlfriend Alice its-1600-1h outcall 0549898651 view
2015-06-22 05:53:32 Sonya escort ben yehuda, tel aviv, israel 0 ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ Stunning❤▀▀▀▀ long legged ▀▀▀▀❤Beauty ⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️ SONYA !!! 167tall-65kg Hi, Dear Gentelmens!. I have a wild imagination and would love to help you fulfill your fantasies...!!!!!!!! I will be pleased to meet you and be your special lady for an evening or night, for full day!!!!!! I am naturally charming with lovely manners so what ever the occasion. I'm not only hot and sexy but I'm super fun, funny, warm, and know hot to show someone a great time. You cannot have a bad time with me, I'm always in a good mood. I love to entertain, and am a great I am prepared to offer you a good time and rest. SONYA-0526565040Call me for booking I need to meet the information your name, phone number, complete address where you want to meet me. 0526565040 view
2016-07-12 00:58:41 NATALIESEX נטליסקס girl levinsky 69, tel aviv, israel 200 הקיץ הזה הולך להיות קיץ חם ורטוב. . . . אני מארחת לחוויה שכוללת חשפנות חושנית מזמוזים חרמונים ליטופים ו. . . גולת הכותרת מציצה חשופה וזיון מהסרטים בשלל פוזות ותנוחות וכל זאת באווירה כייפית ומדהימה לאור נרות ניחוח קטורת מוסיקה רומנטית וסרטי סקס שחלקם בכיכובי ! ! ! בתוספת תשלום ניתן לקבל חריגים : כגון גמירה בפה , רימינג ,אנאלי , מקלחת זהב חמימה , סאדו ,וביזאר כבד. הארוח אצלי בדירה אחת על אחת כשרק אני ואתה בדירה לבד ! ! !Happy Pride festival ! ! ! They all promise But I am doing One on one just the two of us alone! ! ! Full intimacy sex with lots of passion ... a homely atmosphere and a relaxed in candlelight aromatic of my sex movies starring Romantic music. . . Because sex and love do not love or do Bcllis option exceptions extra charge: Cum in mouth Riming Golden Shower BDSM Anal and more ...24/7 0545827990 0543096749 view
2015-06-22 05:51:26 Liza escort ben yehuda, tel aviv, israel 0 Hey there Gents, Look no Further! Your Time spent with me is Valuable, never rushed open minded "Safe Clean and Discreet (Check me out you won't be Disappointed)! I'm Liza, im a sensual & sexy bombshell. I`m fun, classy & have a REAL WILD SIDE! I offer Erotic and Senual style massages and other to kiss and be kissed everywhere ❤Low restrictions ❤ ❤ I LOVE TO PLEASE A MAN...... & I ALWAYS AIM TO PLEASE!! ;) ★100% REAL PICS ★ NEVER RUSHED ★ ALL NATURAL BEAUTY I WANNA TREAT YOU LIKE MY KING & melt all your stress away! *Duos Avail***052*704*6832**Liza 052704683 0527046832 view
2015-07-31 06:10:15 NATALIESEX נטליסקס girl levinsky 69, tel aviv, israel 200 Happy Tu B'Av Hey so I'm Natalie I have a new BDSM accessories And I would love to use them with you. All this conditioned my house   Also I hostess 1 * 1 Amazing in a romantic atmosphere. I hostess Saturday 24/7 חג אהבה שמח , כן כן היום ט"ו באב , אני מארחת כל השבת 24/7. רק שנינו לבד בביתי 1*1 לבד . 0545827990 0543096749 view
2015-01-14 03:18:27 Rimma escort hayarkon, tel aviv, israel 800 ⭐️Outcall, busty blond looking to play. Real GFE⭐️⭐️ Hi Gentlemen, this is Rimma Curvy, sexy, blond beauty, ready to satisfy you. AMAZING BODY ★★★ STUNNING ★★★✭✭ BLONDE BEAUTY ✭✭ 34DDD's ✭ AMAZiNG BODY ♡♡ The Total Package! ♡♡♡ ♥ EVERYTHING YOU DESIRE & MORE ♥ Exciting and funny. Sweet and smart!... I will make you feel comfortable in no time. My smile will captivate and my eyes seduce.. ✰Something this sweet and sexy can be very addictive ... Let's have fun!!!! I'm a sexy natural blond with long legs, sweet lips, and a nice juicy booty. I love to please and will to show you a great time. Exciting, openminded and playful companion. Party calls and duos available. Call me at My New Number052*704*6832Rimma 0527046832 view
2015-02-06 00:50:05 victoria Colombian escort dizengoff 105, tel aviv, israel 300 Good servis, good body, yong girl 30 min 300 shekels Real photo +972543720620 0543720620 view
2015-02-02 11:43:53 Lia English escort hayarkon 33, tel aviv, israel 800 Foxy, elegant, sweet and sensual brunette with a perfectly toned figure and long brown hair. I have a very friendly and outgoing personality with a cute face .... I have the perfect body (35d-26-36) 166tall always admired confident, independent women, and I like to think of myself now as being one of them. Lia- 0527046497 view
2015-02-18 08:38:02 Katya girl hayarkon 6, tel aviv, israel 400 בחורה סקסית ממדריד מזמינה אותך למסאז' מפנק בדירתה הפרטית בתל אביב בשעות היום בלבד 0522445536 0523782383 view
2015-02-18 08:37:44 Maria girl hayarkon 6, tel aviv, israel 400 מריה הספרדייה בת 27 מחכה לך מ 11:00 בבוקר עד 23:00 בלילה במקום פרטי ודיסקרטי כולל חנייה למסאז' מענג ומפנק !!! 0522445536 0523782383 view
2015-04-23 16:11:56 Gabriella escort ha-yarkon street 155, tel aviv-yafo, tel aviv, israel 800 Gentlemen..Looking to try something different? Im a SWEET BUSTY woman!:)My pleasure WILL HAVE YOU HAVE THE MOST UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE OF YOUR LIFE view
2015-06-22 08:58:42 Hayarkon 98 apartment hayarkon 98, tel aviv, israel 280 280 nis, 30 mins. 0547034212 view
2017-04-12 01:13:25 Yves - איב girl ben gurion, bat yam, israel 500 500/hour Deepthroat, sex and much more 0549723169 view
2015-10-05 00:27:18 rada apartment hashuk 33, tel aviv, israel 120 old russian lady very nice 0547620570 view
2015-10-05 00:26:44 marina apartment 3 hazanovich, tel aviv, israel 120 mature russian lady very nice 0525065092 view
2015-10-05 00:39:02 katya apartment levinsky 85, tel aviv, israel 200 amazing woman oral, rimming, sex without protection 0547089354 view
2015-10-05 00:44:06 mari apartment shalma 70, tel aviv, israel 250 sex machine 0527297360 view
2015-10-05 00:53:32 ella apartment reshit khokhma 16, tel aviv, israel 200 mature lady 0544354434 view
2015-10-05 00:57:15 nikka and masha apartment reshit khokhma 16, tel aviv, israel 200 two nice russian lady very liberal rimming anal oral sex without condom 0549856077 0544691570 view
2015-11-04 07:06:02 eva apartment haaliya 16, tel aviv, israel 150 old lady bizzare - si 0507382724 view
2015-10-05 03:16:19 lana apartment reshit khokhma 16, tel aviv, israel 200 Nice lady, very sexy, almost private. Very good service. Russian 0549347544 view
2015-11-12 03:31:58 Victoria massage , tel aviv, israel 700 FYI: Seems to only true real and expensive tantra. but avery nice one from a very hot girl. 0545577085 view
2016-10-03 19:18:29 karuna apartment ben yehuda 103, tel aviv, israel 600 I was 22, a very beautiful woman, model I'm a very friendly and fun. I like meeting new people. I'm an independent young lady and my photos are 100% genuine. I'm very sweet and lovely, the type of lady from men dreams. If you are looking for some nice and fun lady to spend exciting time with, here I am! watsp foto 9725024774 0502477446 view
2017-03-01 05:30:46 jolie apartment דרך סלמה, tel aviv, israel 150 היי אני ג'ולי פצצת סקס בת 33 חתיכה אמתית. מארחת בדרום תל אביב , מפנקת מכל הלב . 150 ש"ח פעם אחת עד 20 דקות . עושה חריגים בתוספת תשלום . מקבלת א-ה משעה 11:00בבוקר עד שעה 18:00 בערב . רק למבוגרים מגיל 40 +. 0559403208 view
2017-04-13 04:40:51 natasha apartment , tel aviv, israel 200 mature lady rimming good blowjob good shower no condom 0539586905 0534201957 view
2017-03-27 21:50:16 dasha girl bograshov 7, tel aviv, israel 600 Want to have fun which me? Now Hi darling! I am alone in my room and you? I am romantic, intelligent, and active girl. Friendly and fun. I'm young lady, the type of lady from men dreams: long legs, NATURAL boobs, great skin, very clean My photos are 100% genuine Private, independent, gfu full Tel Aviv Like all sorts of fantasies I I'd love to meet Gentleman's in my place But possible in hotel also I'm in Tel-Aviv 0528483795 view
2017-04-13 04:44:08 Natasha apartment , tel aviv, israel 200 great body shower massage rimming sex without condom 0534201957 view
2017-07-17 23:28:39 Massage massage hovevei zion street 33, tel aviv, israel 200 مكان جميل. 5 فتيات. تدليك جيد جدا. المتعة. a nice place. 5 girls. Very good massage. pleasure. מקום יפה. 5 בנות. עיסוי טוב מאוד. תענוג. חובב ציון זווית בוגרשוב. 035252835 view
2017-10-15 03:41:14 Super Lola bdsm , tel avviv, israel 0 I am an Independent escort providing only meetings. I am open minded and i can be that special person. Just call me and i will be your temporary girlfriend ;) I know how to make you really happy with our time together and keep it till you say: Already leaving ? Yes it has ended but the smile in your face tells everything and you know i will be there next time ;) Mobile: 0534281952 Lola Outcall price will depend on your location and the amount it will cost for the taxi.(600-1500) 0534281952 OutCall view
2017-10-15 03:56:28 Super LOLA Out-Call massage , tel aviv, israel 800 I SPECIALIZE IN PERSONAL COMPANIONSHIP SENSUAL MASSAGE - While we are spending time together, enjoy my signature sensual massage. You will be in great hands which are soft, gentle, and firm. My expectations: Meeting great and genuine people, spend mutually satisfying time together, exploring new sensations of desire. No rush time 0534281952 OutCall view
2017-12-07 01:25:06 אולסקס דירות דיסקרטיות apartment ben yhoda, tel aviv, israel 100 אולסקס דירות דיסקרטיות 0505555555 view