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lora (girl)

Phone:9725224774 (9725224774)
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Address: iben gverol 100, tel aviv, israel
(, )
Price: 300
Remark: Hi, I'm Kitty, a 42 year old. I live in Israel, Tel a Viv, in my luxurious discreet and secure Boudoir. I am attractive, very sexy, sensual, naughty pussycat, womanly curves in all the right places, with soft skin, natural, beautiful full breasts. RED hair, green beautiful eyes. When you're looking for someone a little different... Someone who exceeds all expectations and creates a truly remarkable experience... I am the companion for you. Also couples who desire the company of a woman with charm, wit and imagination. I offer complete Girlfriend, Deep French Kissing, Light Domination and Massage erotic. I also offer a Gentlemen's Dressing Service, Foot Fetish Ballbasting/Spnaking/Smother/Face sitting I always practice safe sex
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