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Ashnai mittal (escort)

Phone:+918217418 (+918217418)
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Address: hyderabad, hyderabad, india
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Price: 700
Remark: Hello guys, I am Ashnai Mittal, a young and energetic girl in Hyderabad Escorts. I am a professional escort and call girl here. In my company you will get everything as per your choice, taste and preference besides your investment. The more is the investment, the better is the result. If you are looking for more girls to choose from, visit Hyderabad Escorts Service. The agency provides adequate safety to the escorts and clients as well. So, all the three issues of worry for the client – Safety, quality and rates, are taken care of at a serious note here. No hidden ID calls are accepted here and all new clients are screened properly. However, all customer related informations are kept strictly confidential and secured in Hyderabad Call Girls. I belong to a high-class respectable family and don’t expect beauty lovers to negotiate the rates mentioned against my profile. My profile is cent-percent genuine and the image pasted here is the latest one. My height to weight and waist to hip ratio is stunning.
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