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Camila (escort)

Phone:0528987706 (052-8987706)
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Address: , tel aviv, israel
(, )
Price: 0
Remark: young independent escort for Tel Aviv, very liberal: anal, cim, cute....not a clock watcher
Id: 206
Inserted: 2013-05-03 04:33:46
Last Modified: 2013-05-03 04:34:46
Added By: camila (88)
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By: Abiga003, On: 2016-03-28 14:09:11 , For: Camila

Hello my name is Abigail, i saw your profile today i decide to mail you, how are you today.i hope all is well, please can you send me mail to my mail address so that i can tell you more about my self, here is my mail address( ) I am waiting for your mail to my email address above. yours Abigail.


By: pufta1111, On: 2013-07-28 07:58:55 , For: Camila

She is young and pretty - very thing, small but perky tits and wonderful nipples. But, as opposed to the poster bellow, she rushed me like crazy. Barely let me eat her out and had no patience for my play. I paid 1500 shekel for 2 hours and got less than one hour - about 45 minutes. She is sweet and nice, but a big waste of money.


By: camila, On: 2013-05-03 04:37:09 , For: Camila

Even though we agreed upon two hours, she stayed for 3. Shes cute, young and she was very agreeable to everything, she didn't get tired and the bj must have lasted 20 minutes....all 3 of them


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