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Innes (escort)

Phone:+972503348 (+972503348)
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Address: ha yarkon, tel aviv, israel
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Price: 800
Remark: My name is Innes, and it's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. As a companion, I'm a seductive, sophisticated, and sensual woman. I've been described as having the perfect girl next door look, and being a genuine lover. I love to bring pleasure to my partner, and I enjoy getting to know one another on a more intimate level. I am also a skilled dominatrix, and can cater to your unique needs and desires. I'm independent, university-educated, and a non-smoker. I have a curious mind and a wide variety of interests with love enjoy good company, I'm a professional Masseur and I love making relaxing bodyslide. In my spare time, I spend my nights out clubs as a ballroom and sport clubs. Physically, I'm a European natural beauty with brunnette hair, bright green eyes and a hourglass figure. I have an elegant figure, sexy round forms waist, silky skin and good mood always.
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