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Jazz (escort)

Phone:+972529676 (+972529676)
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Address: , tel aviv, israel
(, )
Price: 1000
Remark: You are in Israel and you are beautiful kind man you have a crazy fantasy's or need a massage strong or soft or beautiful sexy women care about you and your body or you just a horny and need a sexy lovely women like me...  Here is me sexy brunette with sexy smile and horny boobs available for you in your place.  I'm in Israel sexy always horny always ready have fun. Just call me to make an appointment with me.
Id: 1000
Inserted: 2016-08-17 03:48:37
Last Modified: 2016-08-17 03:48:37
Added By: Jazz (591)
Enabled: disabled
Type: escort [? Explain types]
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